The Perception system was developed for the UK Government in 2011, and declassified for commercial sale in 2013. The commercial variant was completed in 2015 and has been in constant development ever since.

Our SOC or yours?


Perception is available as  a managed service, which means all alerts head back to our Security Operations Centre (SOC), where industry-leading analysts and researchers can provide all the monitoring capability you'll need. Alternatively, you can self monitor the Perception system from your own site or that of your preferred MSSP.




The data Perception gathers gives the analysts at the SOC everything they need to know to categorise malicious activity. The output of this analysis is fed back to your network security department and includes information about:

  • Authentic but anomalous activity
  • Discovered malware and remediation activity
  • Most likely threat vectors into the network
  • Policy breaches or dangerous network behaviour from users

Our SOC is located at Chemring Technology Solutions' site at Roke Manor, where some of the highest level cyber research in the world is conducted. Perception benefits from this partnership by utilising the same talent that conducts work for government-level security departments worldwide to feed into product development and analysis. No other business is as close to the cyber security threat landscape as Perception.

Using this information, not only do you know where the danger is and how to solve it, you will understand where the risks in the network are, and what actions to take to protect the network for the future.


As a self-monitored system, you retain all of the data Perception produces on your own network.  Your selected IT professional is then able to rapidly identify all network traffic that could potentially be malicious.  Using Perception's bio-inspired techniques, the analyst is able to see how unusual and threat-like all network traffic is.  This process can increase the efficiency of a standard SOC team by an order of magnitude, as they can quickly focus on what's important and start investigating, rather than being flooded by a series of false-alarms.

All of our self-monitored customers have access to the Chemring Technology Solutions research team at Roke Manor.  Due to the flexibility within the system, our engineers can create specific algorithms to provide a greater level of detail on the behaviour you're most interested in, or immediately alert you if specific activities occur within your network.

Always Up To Date


Perception is constantly evolving to match emerging threats. New intelligence is added to improve the product to suit the ever changing threat landscape. We push regular free updates on average once every three weeks, meaning that all our customers are as protected as possible, without incurring expensive upgrade fees.  You can read about the latest updates by looking at the 'updates' posts on our blog.

Advancements to Perception come from four different sources, which ensures we are providing useful updates:


Internal Development Team

Typically providing efficiency improvements, our internal development team have a key role in deciding the upgrades to include with each update to Perception.


Internal Analysis Team

The same analysts that monitor Perception data have a direct influence on how the system is developed. This ensures they are always provided with the right data to diagnose potential threats or vulnerabilities.


Our Customers

Our customer base has a direct link to the development team and can suggest specific threats or behaviours they’re concerned about and updates added accordingly.


Expert Cyber Researchers

Working closely with government departments and Roke Manor Research ensures Perception is able to detect tomorrow’s threats before they arrive.