Perception Update - Improvement In Communication Mechanism

An update to the communication mechanism between the Perception Sensor and the Central Correlation Server (CCS).

This improvement allows more detailed meta-data to be stored in the data sent to the CCS from the sensors.  It increases communication reliability and transport bandwidth efficiency at higher data rates.  The improvement also speeds up the encode and decode times of the data on either end, improving communications speeds.  We have also implemented the ability for a sensor to send to multiple CCSs so customers can have redundancy for their CCS.

The core concept of Perception has always been gathering the best behavioural information from the network as possible.  Whilst vulnerabilities change and we discover new ways that businesses might find themselves exposed, it becomes vital that we add more ways of understanding behaviour on a network.  As a result of this gradual increase in information gathering, we start to put strain on the communication link between the sensor and the CCS.

This update could be seen as a group of fairly boring performance enhancements, however, these are vital changes that allow us to increase the capabilities of Perception even further in future.  Between an increase in reliability on extremely busy networks and the increase in decode/encode speed, this performance boost allows us to send much richer meta data, which means our analysts (and our AI-more on that soon) have better information to work from.

The importance of the redundancy capability also mustn't be underestimated.  Many customers work in mission critical environments and require 100% uptime for cyber security systems.  Adding the ability to control a main CCS and a failover is an absolute necessity for these businesses, and something we're delighted to be able to provide.

This update is CCS and sensor based, and will be pushed to all managed customers at the pre-agreed upgrade time.  Self-monitored customers can update their own sensors and CCS using the software upgrade process.  If you have any further questions about this upgrade please contact us at