Perception announces first Value Added Reseller

Emergency services technology specialist j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 ("Jellyhead") has signed a deal with Chemring Technology Solutions to become a value added reseller for Perception Cyber Security .

j3llyh34d currently provides cyber security services to several UK police and fire services, and Perception will complement its customers' existing computer network security systems by identifying the potential threats they cannot.

Simon Twigg, Managing Director at j3llyh34d, said: "Perception is a revolutionary approach to dealing with advanced threats such as zero-day vulnerabilities, targeted vectors and blackmarket rootkits, as well as information leakage. We are delighted to partner Chemring Technology Solutions in the delivery and support of this game-changing technology. Perception is the first security solution we have seen that gives the good guys a sustainable advantage over the bad guys. We believe the security landscape will be profoundly and irreversibly changed by this lateral approach."

As Perception is behavioural it has no rigid "rules-based" architecture and adapts to the network's changing profile to automatically identify malicious activity, making it more difficult for malware to evade detection. It will also detect the slow, unauthorised external extraction of information from the network, even when sophisticated obfuscation techniques are used to evade traditional rule-based security defences.

Daniel Driver, Head of Perception Cyber Security at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: "j3llyh34d have proven their in-depth knowledge of a very technical area, and share our passion for solving some of the toughest problems in cybersecurity today. We believe they have the capacity and the knowledge base to provide significant value to their customers using the power of the Perception technology."