Perception Update - Multiple Ethernet Monitoring Interfaces

Support for multiple input Ethernet monitoring interfaces.

This feature removes the dependency on additional hardware required to aggregate multiple monitoring Ethernet sources into a single 10G input in order to be processed by the system.  Multiple 10G interfaces and multiple 1G interface can be supported.

Perception is designed to collect a feed from a central SPAN port or Network Tap.  We have several sites where the network architecture has resulted in two network cores, which means two feeds from two SPAN ports/taps, which means two Perception sensors.  Seeing that this doubled the deployment cost of Perception, we have changed how Perception sensors collect data so that a single sensor can take in multiple SPANs or network tap feeds.  In complex networks this can reduce deployment costs massively, which removes a financial hurdle from some of our smaller customers.

Some other customers may have a similar problem based on the equipment they use, rather than the network architecture.  It may not be possible to output all network data from a single SPAN port on all switches; this added capability fixes that issue too.

This update is a functional change in how we deploy the sensors themselves and therefore should have no impact on existing customers that we haven’t already contacted.  If we haven’t already contacted you and you feel that this change could reduce the number of sensors you use please feel free to contact your SOC point of contact.  If you have any further questions about this upgrade please contact us at