Perception Update - Version 2.5.9

Version 2.5.9 adds a number of new features to Perception, including features to increase security, system performance, and usability issues.

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To start, Perception now supports communicating over HTTPS with the UI, and allows the import of certificates.  Although communication over a secure VPN was already fully encrypted, the addition of standard web-security measures increases the security of the system as a whole.

Performance is always a priority for us at Perception, and in this update we continue to improve system performance.  We’ve changed the way our databases are structured, which means queries run faster and less disk space is required, we’ve also squashed a bug where very large databases were causing system performance issues.  Likewise, the cache of SMB data was causing some sensors to use too much memory, and this issue has been resolved with no effect on the detection performance of SMB-based behavioural identification.

Self-managed users will also benefit from the latest improvements to the user interface, including a number of smaller fixes that should improve usability.  You can now delete swimlanes in KnowledgeBase if they are no longer needed, and some ForensicAI alerts have been provided with more detailed microcontrol information, meaning the alert can be triaged better without even opening the alert at all.


A full list of updates are below:

  • Added support for HTTPS connections to the UI including certificate import.

  • Significantly enhanced database format giving improvements in query performance and disk space requirements.

  • Fixes for database performance issues when accessing very large databases.

  • Added ability to delete swimlanes from KnowledgeBase Incident Builder.

  • Improvements to SMB memory use to address issues with overloaded sensors.

  • Various UI fixes and improvements.

  • Enhancements to ForensicAI Alerts to give more detailed Microcontrol information and more accurate scoring.

  • Fix for Exceptions not matching on hostnames correctly.


This update will be pushed to all managed customers at the pre-agreed upgrade time.  Self-monitored customers can update their own systems using the software upgrade processes.  If you have any further questions about this upgrade please contact us at