Serco Invests in Perception for Global Network

It's a pleasure to finally be able to announce this formally, Serco have invested in Perception.  After trialing Perception and a number of other cyber security products, Serco have installed devices all across the globe on 4 continents.

Mark Henshaw, Head of Information Security for Serco Group, said: “I am extremely impressed with Perception as it very effectively fills the gap that has developed between traditional network security tools and the expanding threat landscape as we see increasingly sophisticated malware and blended advanced threats.

“Perception sold itself as it’s a powerful tool that identifies apparently benign events which could seriously impact Serco. It is proving to be simple to implement and has demonstrated value in a very short time by identifying malware, policy violation, suspicious data movement, device configuration issues, and pointers to areas where awareness training should be increased. Many of the issues identified were subtle in nature and were not picked up by our current network security systems,” said Henshaw.

“Serco supported Chemring Technology Solutions during Beta tests of Perception and we were particularly impressed by how different it is from traditional network security systems that rely on pattern matching. Perception collects and analyses information in a different way by looking for the unusual and linking apparently non-threatening network activity to identify hidden malware. It’s also very competitively priced, costing a similar amount to a mid-range firewall. Overall, Perception adds another highly effective layer to our cyber defence arsenal,” concluded Henshaw.

Serco have been a joy to work with; not only are they very particular about the products that protect their network assets, they've also been really helpful in offering advice and suggestions on how to improve Perception.