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Perception praised in Network Computing Magazine's review

Perception Cyber Security was the latest product to be reviewed in Network Computing Magazine this month. The magazine is the UK's longest established magazine dedicated to network management, and regularly investigates new and innovative products in the network security space. You can read the full review here.


The review concedes that whilst complete network visibility would be ideal, the mess of data it creates is a curse rather than a blessing. Perception, of course, is designed to declutter this mess automatically, providing the user with actionable intelligence they can use, rather than an overwhelming pool of data they will be forced to ignore.

The reviewer notes the “impressive scope” of Perception, being able to accurately and reliably pick up on the presence of malicious actors, as well as subtle indicators that might show weaknesses in the network before they are exploited.

Also noted by the article is the forensic capability of Perception, describing it as a must for risk mitigation. This feature, “helps by concatenating otherwise isolated events. It could, for example, conclusively prove how a lost laptop was ultimately the source of attack.” It is key features like this that really demonstrate the overall value in Perception, and the benefit that can be gained from complete network visibility.

The article concludes that the mindset that Perception encourages is a requirement for organisations that are ready to engage with the cyber war, “that has only just started”. The final line is particularly glowing, noting (quite rightly) that most cyber attacks are merely grabbing low-hanging fruit, and that Perception, “moves the network away from this category and beyond”.

The full review contains impressive insights into the benefits of proactive security, and is definitely worth a read if you have the time.