Perception Cyber Security is based on an approach to cyber security using technology developed for the UK MoD by Roke Manor Research. Perception is operated by Chemring Technology Solutions, the product arm of the Chemring Group.

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Chemring Group PLC

Chemring Group is a UK-headquartered global business providing a range of advanced technology products and services to the aerospace, defence and security markets. Established in 1905, Chemring has grown into a leading manufacturing business supplying high technology electronics and energetic products to over 50 countries around the world. The various Chemring subsidiaries provide countermeasures, sensors, and energetics products that protect and safeguard in an uncertain world.

Roke Manor Research Ltd

Roke Manor Research Limited is a contract Research and Development business that was acquired by the Chemring Group in 2010. Roke has many technology specialisations, including radio-frequency and vision- processing research, but it is the cyber research that occurs on the site that led to the development of Perception. Roke Manor carries out research into neural networks for various industries, and undertakes research into cyber threats, largely for its military and national security customer base.

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Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd

Chemring Technology Solutions Limited is the product business within Chemring’s sensors and electronics arm. With a broad range of Electronic Warfare, Counter-IED, and Security products in its portfolio, CTS has a wealth of experience in providing quality products to the most demanding customer base. Part of this role as the products business involves taking promising technology out of Roke and providing it with the framework to operate as a commercial offering. Perception is a result of this process.

Perception Cyber Security

Developed in 2013, Perception sits within CTS as a commercial cyber product that provides its users with the ability to act before, during, and after any incident on a network. Using the cutting-edge technology developed at Roke, Perception operates as a start-up business within CTS providing the product’s unique capability to users in a broad range of industries.

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