There Might Be Something You're Forgetting


  • Known threats entering network
  • Known signatures entering network
  • Traffic to / from known malicious sources

Network Monitoring:

  • Unusual and threat-like behaviour between hosts
  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Policy breaches
  • Unknown / zero-day threats
  • Surveillance and pre-attack phase activity


  • Known threats on hosts
  • Known signatures on hosts
  • Unusual user behaviour

Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and anti-virus only form part of modern cyber security defences. The security gap that most organisations are exposed to exists within their own network.

Perception is able to address the problems left by traditional endpoint and perimeter protection systems by working at very high data rates at the core of the network while using complex logic to perform in depth analysis and behaviour identification of all network traffic.

Whether this is a threat which has circumvented the rules-based or sand-boxing appliances, or data being leaked by a trusted device or human error, this activity can be detected by effective real-time internal network monitoring. Until now this has proved an almost impossible task, given the volume of data which flows at the network core in even the most basic of networks.  Perception solves this key issue and is designed to work alongside industry-leading perimeter and endpoint solutions so our customers are protected across their whole network, not just the edges.