Perception is a network analysis tool designed with the analyst in mind.

The focus for today’s cyber security teams has switched from protecting against what’s outside to discovering what’s inside.  Using Perception helps the analyst rapidly find what they care about, making sure your network is as secure as it can possibly be.



Perception is designed to pick out behaviours on a network rather than relying on a list of rules.  This means it is far more difficult for malicious activity to hide without fundamentally changing the way it works.

Blazing Fast

Based on Lawful Interception technology, Perception sits at the core of the network and collects data at incredibly fast rates.  This means that the system and the analysts have the biggest quantity and best quality data to work from.


Perception avoids the common high false alarm and low detection rate issues of anomaly detection systems by analysing all network traffic.  It then uses advanced analytical techniques on the most anomalous data.