The heart of the Perception product is made up of proven technology designed specifically to make networks safer. Originally developed for national security and military purposes, the underlying technology of Perception has been modified for use on any network by some of the most advanced cyber researchers in the world.

The core of Perception is a behavioural identification engine that can identify malicious or high-risk activity regardless of source or intent, built around machine learning and AI systems originally designed for the UK Ministry of Defence. Any system is only as reliable as the data input into it, and Perception captures it’s source data using probe technology developed for use by British national security organisations. This technology is class-leading in speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

This data is also analysed using a bespoke artificial intelligence engine designed to automate much of an analysts workload to enable network security staff to find weaknesses and threats significantly faster than they would using traditional security tools. All of this cutting edge technology is presented to the user using a familiar user interface that enables quick decisions, without removing the ability to delve deep into the detail of incidents so appropriate actions can be taken.

This combination of technology and expertise allows Perception to alert the user to risks in a network without waiting for them to be exploited, identify malicious activity as it happens, and react to threats and network changes in real time.

System Design

Perception is built on a three tiered concept, with each tier utilising class leading technology. Starting with the collection of as much data as possible, and culminating in an artificial intelligence layer that provides the user with clear and actionable intelligence about the threats and vulnerabilities on a network. The unique combination of technologies used in Perception makes it the most practical solution to proactively securing a network and protecting it against future threats.

System Design.png

User interface

Perception is designed to be used as a standalone product, as well as integrating with popular SIEM tools for customers that prefer a ‘single pane of glass’ approach. The user interface is designed by analysts, for analysts. Any user that is familiar with using network tools such as SIEM tools or Wireshark will feel instantly familiar with Perception, instinctively using the system to understand their network and the threats that face it.



The Dashboard is designed to give the user an instant glimpse into the health and performance of Perception, the level of threat facing their environment, and the level of risk on the network.

Forensic AI

ForensicAI Collapsed.png
ForensicAI Expanded.png

The output of the correlational analysis, ForensicAI alerts the users to active threats clearly and succinctly. ForensicAI analyses in real time the behaviours and statistics to find high confidence threat/risk indicators with an ultra low false alarm rate, saving the user invaluable time in discovering the information that matters.


An exhaustive list of all behaviour on the network from the behavioural identification systems, this view shows the user what’s been going on, whether it’s an indicator of threat or benign activity. This data can be filtered easily to find specific behaviour types, and each entry also includes a saved packet capture.

Knowledge Base

KB Report.png

Perception stores details of all historical network traffic. KnowledgeBase gives the user access to this information. Whether investigating an incident or auditing systems or users, KnowledgeBase has all of the information and makes it easy to search and build custom reports.