See for yourself how valuable network monitoring is in strengthening your cyber defences with a no obligation 30 day trial.

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Why do I need a trial?

Our service monitors networks protected by some of the most advanced firewalls and anti-virus systems available.  We always find something to be concerned about.

On an average network we find:

  • 16 systems containing active malware

  • 8 configuration errors indicating vulnerabilities

  • 4 cases of bad network practice or security policy breaches

We will help you find existing malware and vulnerabilities that you didn't know existed on your network, and make recommendations on how to resolve problems. 

You will understand where your focus needs to be. Most companies haven’t reviewed their cyber defence strategy in a long time, and we will help you identify where the vulnerabilities are so that you can better protect your network. 

You will also be able to take action on any items based on our analysts’ suggested remediation activities.

There is no commitment to purchase. If you determine after the trial that you still have sufficient cyber protection in place, you’re not obliged to pay anything.

Our network architects will agree with your IT department where the system is best placed in your network, how many devices are required, and the information needed for installation. We will also review the benefits Perception™ will give you based on its location in your network, and suggest where it is best placed for your needs. 

On installation day, our engineers will visit your site to install the Perception™ device and you talk you through the system basics. 

Over the next 24 to 96 hours the system will go through what we call a Network Learning Period. During this phase it identifies typical traffic patterns and gains key insights into your network.

After this period has finished you will start to be protected. Our analysts will be in contact as required to inform you about any weaknesses or threats identified within your network.

At the end of the trial period, we will debrief your IT security team. This will include a complete review of the threats within your network, the attempted attacks over the trial period, and the most vulnerable points within your network.